It’s 1977, Grandpa Pete having lived over 40 years in the United States as an immigrant from a young age and having created a beautiful family, returns home to Greece, leaving-temporarily at least-his family behind. Grandpa himself never had the chance to visit the USA again.

With enough savings and a bag full of dreams he begins to make one of them come true.

In the place where Nafplion Hotel Elena is now situated there used to be an old manor.

Grandpa buys it and gradually turns it into the facility which is today. In the meantime the whole family returns and all of them together make hospitality a family matter.

Maria and Louis, grandpa Pete’s two children find themselves worthy of their father’s expectations.

Grandpa Pete names the hotel after his wife, Grandma Elena-they lived together well past their prime-and up to now, with all those years gone by, their warm and caring aura as well as their useful advice still accompany us.

Buildings and structures change in the blink of an eye, but for us this building except for accommodation is also a way to keep Grandpa Pete and Grandma Elena’s memory alive and keep making them proud!


Their grandchildren & hosts